Annual Fund Drive

The Hillgrove High School Annual Fund drive is an effort by our families to get our community and supporters directly involved in the raising of funds to offset the expenses of running a world-class band program.  Such expenses are included, but not limited to:

  • World class instructional staff
  • Private instruction and master classes
  • Music purchases and licensing
  • Concept design and implementation
  • New Instrument Purchases
  • Current Instrument Repairs
  • Accessory purchases
  • Travel
  • Student Meals
  • Uniforms for Concerts and Marching Band Contests

The annual fund drive is the sole fundraiser we offer of which 100% of total proceeds goes toward each individual students ‘fair share contribution’ to the total cost of running the band program.  There are no frills or luxuries purchased, only the absolute necessary items for each students total music education and support.

To donate, please click the appropriate link below and share:

Marching Band Annual Fund Letter

Concert Band Annual Fund Letter

We thank you for your continued support.