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Symphonic 1 test due 9/23 midnight

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Please make sure you select your correct link!

You MUST say your name to receive credit.

Assignments are listed on a previous post.





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Symphonic 2: Baroque due 9/23 midnight

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Baroque C-D

Eighth note is 120

You MUST say your name at the beginning of the recording to receive credit.

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Symphonic 1 9/18

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Hello lovelies! Today we do not have a structured class but you SHOULD be playing your instrument.

Here is your assignment for the day:

  1. Sign up for honor band/all-state here:
  2. Practice your etude segment due Friday.
  3. Practice the second half of Sea Songs with someone who plays the same part as you.
  • Flutes & trumpets- please get together for 15 minutes.

You asked… here it is! 🙂 Extra practice for the quiz:

Key signatures.

Ledger lines.

Ledger lines explained.

Diatonic intervals explained.




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All-state sign up Due 9/21

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All-state/honor band FAQs

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Important dates:
September 21st- Deadline to register and pay
December 8th- 1st audition @ Marietta H.S.
January 5th- 2nd audition @ Houston Co. H.S.

February 8th-10th- Honor band @ North Cobb H.S.
February 28th-March 2nd- All-state band @ the Classic Center Athens, GA

2nd & 3rd block students: Fees are included in your dues because this audition is required. If you have not paid your September 1st dues, follow the second procedure.
1st & 4th block students: Fees are not ...

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