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Sym 1 January 24-25th

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Please read carefully.

Your assignments are below. You will turn them in by recording your whole section playing them correctly and uploading those by Friday at midnight (time allowed to go home and use REAL wi-fi). This will go in the “Flip the Classroom” portion of the grade book (300pts). There are not required tempos unless they are listed. Leaders are listed below.

All about my instrument and unisonal Gb/eb are due Friday by midnight or they will turn into 0s. I will ...

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Sym 1 January 18th

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Hi! I miss you already.

Here’s your THREE assignments for today.

  1. Playing test
  2. All about my instrument 
  3. Be nice to the substitute teacher and try not to scare them with our loud noises.

Both are due Sunday by midnight. Both are for a large grade. I hope you have a GREAT weekend. Please contact me if you know you cannot complete these in that time frame.

Love you more than I love sloths,

-Ms. Slone

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Symphonic 1 test due 9/23 midnight

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Please make sure you select your correct link!

You MUST say your name to receive credit.

Assignments are listed on a previous post.





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Symphonic 2: Baroque due 9/23 midnight

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Baroque C-D

Eighth note is 120

You MUST say your name at the beginning of the recording to receive credit.

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Symphonic 1 9/18

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Hello lovelies! Today we do not have a structured class but you SHOULD be playing your instrument.

Here is your assignment for the day:

  1. Sign up for honor band/all-state here:
  2. Practice your etude segment due Friday.
  3. Practice the second half of Sea Songs with someone who plays the same part as you.
  • Flutes & trumpets- please get together for 15 minutes.

You asked… here it is! 🙂 Extra practice for the quiz:

Key signatures.

Ledger lines.

Ledger lines explained.

Diatonic intervals explained.




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