HBBA Fundraising

Fundraising is a critical part of the success of our band organizations, allowing our students to experience some of the best opportunities available in our area and across the nation!

Our fundraising efforts come in many forms (see below).  Be on the lookout for email and Facebook updates regarding the fundraising details from our Fundraising Officer during the year.

  • Annual Fund Drive
  • Scrip and Gift Card Sales
  • Annual Taste of West Cobb Event
  • Flocking
  • Shopping Boss Fundraiser (Jul 28th Parent Presentation Night – Several event dates planned for this fundraiser, please be on the look out for charms email blasts)
  • Restaurant Nights (Chick Fil A Nov 6th & Mar 12th)
  • Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough Sale (Kick Off Aug 1st with funds due Aug 14th)
  • Domino’s Pizza Cards (Kick Off Aug 29th with funds due Sept 12th)
  • Bed Linens (Kick Off Sept 18th with funds due Oct 9)
  • Laundry Mama (Nov 6th with funds due Nov 20th)
  • Kenny’s Pie’s (Oct 16th with funds due Oct 30th & Feb 26th with funds due Mar 9th)
  • Holiday Market (Nov 11th)
  • Ozark Lollipops (Winterguard) Jan 29th with funds due Feb 12th)

So dig in and get involved with these efforts!  It truly makes a difference in the calibre of our band programs to be adequately funded.

If you have any particular questions regarding our fundraisers please contact your Fundraising Officer. Contact information can be found here.