Scrip Gift Card Program

Scrip is a program where you can buy gift cards (dollar for dollar value) through a website that is linked to our band boosters organization and you get a % credited to your student’s band account.  It’s basically free money if you buy cards for stores where you spend money anyway.

Over the years, we had many families earn over $800 each toward their band fees through scrip alone!

Click here for instructions on how to open an account and a sample showing how much you can earn … just by shopping! When you’re ready to shop, enter the site at or click the image in the upper right corner of this page.



1.  Can I pay by credit card?  No.  Great Lakes does not allow credit cards.  Direct debit to your bank account (PrestoPay), check or cash are the only payment options.

2.  Why do we have to wait a week for our cards?  The cards have to be ordered through Great Lakes Scrip processing center.  It takes them 1 to 2 business days to process the order for shipping and another 2 to 3 business days for shipping.

3.  How will I see the savings to my students account?   Each week, the HBBA treasurer is sent a report that shows how much credit your student earned from your order that week.  It will show up as a credit in your child’s Charms account with a description similar to this – “SCRIP Credit – May week 4”

4.  Do I have to preorder to take advantage of Scrip?  Occasionally we will order cards for “inventory”. When we do have cards in inventory we will include that information in our weekly reminder about scrip night and then we will offer them for sale on a first-come, first-served basis.  You will still get the same % rebate when you purchase out of inventory.

5. What if I need something really fast? ScripNow is one of the easiest ways to take advantage of this program. ScripNow allows you to buy a “virtual” gift card from certain retailers and the gift card value is available almost immediately (within minutes in most cases) instead of having to wait a week for your cards to be delivered. After making a ScripNOW purchase, your gift card will appear in the ScripNOW section of your account, and you open the link and print your eCard. The certificate can be used online or in the store just like a normal gift card. Some retailers can even use ScripNow from your smartphone or tablet!

6. Have any further questions regarding Scrip?  Please reach out to your Scrip Program Coordinator.  Email and contact information is located here.