Officers and Team Leaders

Executive Board

President Alison Barber
VP of Finance Kathy Layberger
VP of Special Events & Projects Amy Smith
VP of Fundraising Rebecca O’Kelley
Treasurer Accounts Receivable Suzanne Baesman
Treasurer Accounts Payable Jason O’Kelley
Secretary Debbie Heiniger
Band Director Patrick Erwin
Assistant Band Director Brianna Slone
Assistant Band Director Bobby Crosby
Operations Manager Lori Sweet


Hospitality Debbie Heininger
Chaperone Scott Miller
Transportation Kyle Smith
Props Bobby Barber
Webmaster Jeremy Waite
Photography/Video Karen Hodges
Uniforms Anne & Devin Gordon
Snack Shack Chair Christine Daniel
Guard Volunteer Leader Lisa Krusemark
8th Grade Recruitment Stacey Quick
Scrip Gift Card Program Michele Arrowood
Bandwagon Cindy Brake
Alumni Leanne Sheffield
Penny Boyett

The Hillgrove Band Program is built upon and supported by our Directors, Officers, Committees and our Band Parents.  We encourage all band parents to please support the program by supporting the functions and activities your children are involved with. Please feel free to reach out to officers or committee chair staff for any function you may have interest in and see how you can help.