PayPal Online Payments

Each payment made for your student account must be associated with a student along with detail of what the purpose of the payment is for. You can make a payment for more than one item however, please include the breakout of purpose and amounts in the purpose of payment field below. There will be a processing service charge added to the amount you are paying to cover the online payment processing (3%).

We sincerely thank you for keeping your payments up to date so that our program can continue to achieve the excellent education it provides.

To make a payment, please follow these steps:
Enter a student’s name you are making a payment for. Example:  John Doe

Enter the payment purposes (include all purpose descriptions and amounts if more than one). Example: June Marching Fee 100, Concert Band 50

Enter your payment amount.

For general donations not associated to a student: Please follow the same process, however entering the student name as “HBBA” and the purpose “General Donation”