Hillgrove Music Institute

The Hillgrove Music Institute (HMI) is a program of private music lessons with carefully selected instructors who are experts in their field.  The program is sponsored by the Hillgrove Band Boosters Association (HBBA).

Participation in private lessons not only builds a solid foundation in technique that improves the student’s musical ability and performance, but also enhances their enjoyment of both classroom and extracurricular band activities.  The structure and one on one support of working with a private instructor will allow the student to grow independently both as a musician and in the classroom.

Lessons are held weekly at Hillgrove High School after school hours and continue through the summer months.  Instructors have been interviewed and selected by the Hillgrove High School Band Staff and their resumes are available by request.  Instructors offer 30- or 60-minute lessons.  Lessons are conducted in one of several private practice rooms located in the Band Hall.  A member of the Hillgrove High School Band Staff is always on site while lessons are in progress.  Parents may feel free to wait inside the Band Hall during their child’s lesson.

While the benefits of private lessons are many, there are expectations to be met by the student.  Students are asked to arrive 15 minutes early for their lesson in order to fully warm up and to have their instrument and materials ready.  The instructor may request the purchase of certain additional materials to assist the student in their practice at home.  A daily practice schedule will be determined by the instructor and should be maintained by the student so that adequate progress is made.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in lessons, please first contact the instructor to determine availability and lesson times.  Once you have confirmed that the instructor has accepted your child as a student in the program, please complete the online registration form and submit payment.


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