Cost and Payment

Full HMI Packet can be found here.

Payment is expected up front on a monthly basis. Pre-payment should be made to cover the cost of all planned lessons each month. Falling behind in payments could result in suspension of lessons (please see paragraph below.)

Example: September 1st $100 due for 4 lessons total

30 Minutes – $25.00

60 Minutes – $50.00

Questions? Please contact:

Lori Sweet, Operations Manager


Payment may be made by any of the following methods:


Checks made payable to HMI and may be mailed to:

3600 Dallas Highway
Suite 230-155
Marietta, GA, 30064

or may be placed in the collection box in the Band Hall.


Please note that paying online is available, however, an processing charge is applied to the amount.  Visit our online payment screen to pay online- please pay with the PayPal link not the Charms link.

Regardless of the payment method you chose, please clearly note the students name, that payment is for HMI, and the number of lessons being paid, example; HMI for John Smith, 5 lessons in June.  This will insure that your payment is correctly applied to your account.

Please allow one week for processing and to see your payment reflected on your HMI account.



If you must cancel your student’s lesson, 24 hour advance notice is required except in cases of emergency.  Please note that failure to provide 24 notice will result in your being charged for the lesson.  The instructors do not teach at Hillgrove High School and must schedule their time accordingly to be there; therefore your cooperation is greatly appreciated.  Please contact the instructor directly to cancel a lesson and reschedule.  Do not contact the Band Directors or HMI Coordinator.

Likewise, the instructors are required to give you 24 hours advance notice in the event that they are unable to teach your scheduled lesson.  They will contact you directly to reschedule a time for your lesson.


Lessons will be temporarily suspended by the instructor should you fall behind in your payments.  The instructors are notified by the HMI Coordinator of their student’s payment status.  Once payment has been brought current, lessons will be reinstated.


Lessons may be terminated by either the parent or instructor at any time.  If the student has a credit balance on their HMI account for pre-paid lessons, the credit amount will be refunded to you.  If there is a balance due for lessons previously taken, but not paid for, the parent is required to remit payment in full at the time lessons are terminated.