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The Three Buckets of Life

Good morning team!

In the midst of all the uncertainty of our current situation, no doubt there is the full range of emotion going on inside you.   There’s anxiety and fear.   There’s a relaxedness about not leaving the home.  There’s frustration with technology and assignments.   There’s probably even some anger floating about amongst our community, and much of it probably centers around “I CANT CONTROL THIS AS MUCH AS I WANT”.   

I want to leave you with one of our favorite Habitudes: The Three Buckets.   You see, each situation you enter into can be filed into one of three buckets:

  1. I can control this
  2. I can not control this
  3. I can influence this

Much of life is simply putting things In the right bucket.   Ask yourself right now: in my current situation, what can I control?   You’ll find this centers around your own attitude, work ethic, and especially right now, your schedule. 

Then ask yourself, what is outside of my control?   What should i just let go of?   This will be things like other people doing frustrating things; not doing work, not distancing, etc…   You can’t control them, but you control your response to them.  

And finally, where do I have influence and how can I use it to make this situation better?    Things like sending a message to a friend encouraging them, helping sibling or a parent when you have extra time, or reaching out to someone who may be in need.  

It’s all about response.  Anxiety comes when you try and respond to things you shouldn’t, or you feel you’ve lost control.   Try this:

If I can control it – I must INITIATE and DO

If I can or control it – I must TRUST and LET GO.  

If i have influence – I must ask myself WHAT’S THE WISE THING TO DO?

One of my favorite of the old proverbs is “Walk with the wise and become wise.  For a companion of fools suffers harm”.   Use your influence wisely and make the situation better; Control yourself and everything you can well; let go of those things you cannot.   You and those around you will suffer less of the harm of anxiety and strife.   We need less of that right now!