Rehearsal Attendance

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With all that in mind, it is ESSENTIAL that each performer holds him or herself to a high standard in 2 areas:

  1. Taking care of your bodies with good nutrition, sleep habits and hydration
  2. Attending ALL rehearsals


It is likely that unlike any activity your child has ever undertaken, the marching band is an incredibly physical, athletic performance organization, that DOESN’T CARRY RESERVES! We don’t have 2nd string trumpets. We don’t have backup snare drums. And when things are going poorly, we can’t swap out for the scout team Drum Majors. Everyone is a starter, and everyone plays a role.


These ideas and the following information are not a ‘gotcha’, nor are they designed to hurt feelings, point out flaws, etc…   It’s simply – here’s where we’re at, and perhaps we can improve, information.


Starting August 1st, when school started:

  • We have had 100% attendance at 0% of the rehearsals thus far
  • We have received 61 individual absence requests (which are submitted here)
    • We have only had 16 rehearsals
  • Reasons for missing have included
    • Doctor’s appointment
    • Wedding
    • College Fair
    • Ring Ceremony
    • Out of Town
    • Dentist
    • Leadership Retreat
    • Church Event
    • Sick
    • Haircut
    • Club Meeting
    • Step Team
    • Work
    • College Visit
    • Senior Pictures


Of course – While some of these are unacceptable reasons to miss, a LOT of those reasons are GOOD things for the development of the student. The problem is that no absences are GOOD things for the development of the TEAM.   If we can be as aware and respectful of the time and commitment involved in being a part of this organization, we would very much appreciate it.