State of the Marching Band: 9/1/16

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The marching band is now in week 6 of it’s 2016 season. We are 186 strong (our biggest ever) and working very hard to develop our skills into strong performers. Here are some updates on some things (good and bad):


The marching band production this year is entitled “When Kings Go Off to War”.   Taken from a famous quote “In the Spring, At the Time, When Kings Go Off to War”, it’s our take on the American Home Front during World War 2.   You will see the following themes develop throughout the season: (click to read more)

Rehearsal Attendance

 With all that in mind, it is ESSENTIAL that each performer holds him or herself to a high standard in 2 areas:

  1. Taking care of your bodies with good nutrition, sleep habits and hydration
  2. Attending ALL rehearsals (click to read more)

Classes, Grades, and the Time Commitment

This is a big one for the young ones especially, but the older you get the harder the classes get!   This is a tough one for sure.   The marching band isn’t MORE important than the classes the students are taking, however, their commitment to each other and to the team is AS important.   The essential ingredient for success is to not put yourself in a position to have to CHOOSE between them! (click to read more)