Tri-M Honor Society

Tri-M Service hours sheets

Requirements: 6 hours, 2 that are music related

These are due to Ms. Slone by the end of the day May 6th (the week after TOWC)

Access the form here:


Tri-M Attendance log

How meetings have you attended? You need 5 by the end of the school year! Please let Emma or Ms. Slone know if you need something to be corrected.

Tri-M Graduation cords

Do you need a graduation cord?

These are the people I have listed as needing one. Any senior with 3 or more meetings as of 4/17.The list is HERE. If you name is NOT here please let me know. These will be passed out in our May meeting.

*You do not need to pay for anything! These are included in your dues.



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Please print and return to Ms. Slone in the band room. This is due by August 21st at our first meeting in the band room. We hope to see you this year! 🙂