Week 4: April 13-16th

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Happy auditions week! See below for instructions and such on how to get your 2020-2021 placement audition done.

Watch the Video Below for specific audition information.

Audition Requirements

Auditions are for class placement, not chair placement. Chair placement auditions will take place in August when school returns.

Wind Symphony – at least 8 Scales, Chromatic, All Etudes
Symphonic 1 Band – At least 6 scales, Chromatic, Stop at Sym 1 Etude mark
Symphonic 2 Band – No audition requirement
Percussion Class is new this year. Concert Band is no longer a class.

Audition Materials

Winds: You may download all audition materials here

Percussion: Your Materials are here

All Videos Are Due SATURDAY APRIL 18th, 2020!

8th Grade Audition Submissions

Rising 9th graders are not required to audition. You should submit an audition, however, if you would like to be placed in the Wind Symphony or the Symphonic 1 Band. If you do not submit an audition, you will be placed in the Symphonic 2 band or Percussion Class.

Woodwinds Brass Percussion
Scale Auditions Scales Auditions Snare Drum Auditions
Etude Auditions Etude Auditions Mallet Auditions

High School Audition Submissions

Current High School Students should audition in the event of one of these two circumstances:

  1. You are trying to move up a band class from this past year.
  2. You have a low grade on a test in band and would like this to replace it.

**Important – No Ones band placement from the past year will be negatively affected in the event you cannot submit an audition.**

Woodwinds Brass Percussion
Scales Videos Scales Videos Snare Drum Videos
Etude Videos Etude Videos Mallet Videos