Week 5: April 20th-23rd

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  1. Check Synergy. Please email us if you feel you are missing credit.
  2. If you have a “no grade” it will not turn into a 0; it will remain blank.
  3. If you want/need to raise your grade in band – Make up assignments from March 13th onward with no penalty. PLEASE email us when completed so I know which ones you’ve turned in and can update your grade quickly.
  4. We STRONGLY encourage you to continue turning in assignments, attending weekly practice sessions, and continuing to practice your instrument. Don’t lose your skills!

This week in band: Music is foremost a way to express yourself. Here are three ways that you can use music as an outlet. I hope these ideas might help you through these:

Assignment 1 

Ever wanted to write music? Experiment with musescore. It’s completely free and very user friendly compared to other platforms of its type. You can write for your instrument, small ensemble, a full band or a full symphony orchestra. Check it out here:

Assignment: Write 8 measures for any amount of instruments, download as a PDF (export- save as- PDF) and submit by email. 

*Note: If you’re unable to do this assignment due to downloading the file- remember that there are no 0s being put in. You only get credit for the work you complete. If you’d like an alternate assignment just let us know!

Assignment 2

Create a playlist for a specific purpose you’d actually use. Great examples include- study music, music before bed, working out, anxious thoughts etc.

*PLEASE do not use any profanity in any of your songs. You can use clean versions though! 🙂

Assignment: Create a YouTube playlist of at least 10 songs, title it with its purpose and then share the link with your director by email.

Assignment 3

Download the Acapella or an app that is similar. You can record ANYTHING that is 15 seconds to 1 minute long. You must have 2 or more parts. You can either play all the parts yourself- or enlist a friend to help. Ideas would be: video game melodies, band music, scales in 3rds, Christmas duets, original compositions, etc. 

Assignment: Create a 15sec.-1 minute Acapella video that has 2+ parts. Email the link to your director.