Week 6: April 27-30th

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  1. Check Synergy. Please email us if you feel you are missing credit.
  2. If you have a “no grade” it will not turn into a 0; it will remain blank.
  3. If you want/need to raise your grade in band – Make up assignments from March 13th onward with no penalty. PLEASE email us when completed so I know which ones you’ve turned in and can update your grade quickly.
  4. We STRONGLY encourage you to continue turning in assignments, attending weekly practice sessions, and continuing to practice your instrument. Don’t lose your skills!

This week in band: Part of being a well-rounded musician is being able to appreciate music in all forms. This week we will focus on music outside of typical concert band literature and dive into film scores. Film scoring is the act of writing original music to accompany a film.

Assignment 1 

Let’s kick off this week with a legend. There are very few composers who are as well known, accessible and relevant as John Williams. Watch this 10 minute interview of John Williams on CBS here

Assignment: Write a paragraph (5-7 sentences) of take-aways from this interview answering the following questions.

1. List some of the films John Williams has scored.

2. Who did John Williams re-arrange/re-score his works for? (Violin soloist). Why did he write this specifically for her?

3. Describe William’s philosophy/personality. Is he arrogant or humble? How do you think he feels about the music he writes?

4. Email this to your director.

Assignment 2

This video is titled “Why the Soundtrack to Shrek is Actually genius.” I know that Shrek has been reduced to a meme as of late, but this 17 minute documentary style video does a great job of comprehensively explaining the basics behind an effective film score.


Watch this video and list 3 techniques that “Shrek” uses to implement music into the film seamlessly. An example would be at 4:00 when we are introduced to HOW the producers have a specific technique to make integrating pop music effective. These don’t have to be full sentences but they do need to have an explanation. Writing “#1- use pop music” is not an appropriate response. When finished, email your 3 techniques to your director.

*TIP: These answers are not explicitly answered/numbered in the video. You will have to use critical thinking skills to get some of them. What helps me is to use the “show transcript” feature to skim & take notes.

Assignment 3

Try your hand at film scoring! If you own Windows Movie Maker or iMovie you can “score” a video yourself. In this assignment has the following parameters:

– No cursing, violence, etc. The film you choose and the music you choose should be rated PG-13 or G. 

– Choose 1 minute or more of video footage. You can choose to find something that already exists, animate your own art, film yourself, etc.

– Choose 2 or more “songs” to put behind the film. These can be pop songs, sound effects, ambient noise, original songs, art music (classical music), etc.

– To submit- email to your director. If the file is too large you may have to upload to a cloud storage service like google drive and then send a link. You can also publish to a YouTube channel under unlisted/private and send us a YouTube link.


* Review what you learned in the “Shrek” video. What techniques do you think you could use?

* Choose your footage first and then choose music that matches what you’d like to communicate.

* What mood/emotion are you trying to express? Do those things change within the scene?

* Idea: Take a sad scene and make it happy or vice versa. Have you ever seen the Harry Potter edited to look like a comedy trailer? Music is a powerful tool!

* We do not condone copyright infringement. However, there are several useful tools on the internet that allow you to rip things from YouTube videos for educational and artistic intent.