Week 7: May 4-May 7

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Happy Star Wars week! Let’s lighten things up with our assignments.

MONDAY – Star Wars Trilogy Day

Put together a concert program of three Star Wars pieces. A concert of three pieces generally consists of a powerful opening, a beautiful ballad/dark slow tune, and a rousing closing.

Assignment – Send your director three you tube links to three tracks from the Star Wars movies. Set them in the order that your concert program would go, along with an explanation as to why you chose those pieces in that order.


Make your band directors laugh today. For May 5th…send us your 5 favorite band memes!

WEDNESDAY – May 6th music history

Two major icons are our focus today. On May 5th, Dolly Parton gave her singing debut in NYC, and a statue of James Brown was unveiled in Augusta, GA.

Assignment – Listen to 6 Dolly Parton, or 6 James Brown songs. Send us your song list along with a reasoning why you either like or dislike the artists’ music. Also – answer this question – “What is Musical Taste”?

THURSDAY – May 7th music history

Two more milestones today. Beethoven Symphony #9 was premiered and Glenn Miller recorded Chattanooga Choo-Choo.

Assignment – Listen to the final movement of Beethoven Symphony #9 and Glenn Miller’s Chattanooga Choo Choo. Send us a paragraph of at least 7 sentences comparing and contrasting the two works. Which do you care for the most?