When Kings Go Off to War

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When Kings Go Off to War



The marching band production this year is entitled “When Kings Go Off to War”.   Taken from a famous quote “In the Spring, At the Time, When Kings Go Off to War”, it’s our take on the American Home Front during World War 2.   You will see the following themes develop throughout the season:


Introduction – In the Spring – you will see the imagery of the Dandelion, the quintessential idea of springtime.   You will see the band blossom and spread as Dandelion seeds do. Our props will have images of a field on them to convey this idea. Toward the end of the Introduction you will hear audio references to the War starting.

Movement 1 – Kings Go Off to War – the motion and hustle and bustle of a society preparing for something major about to happen.   We will see lots of turning and coming and going and a very energetic mood.   The prop images will turn to pictures of the war, reminding us of what a large effort this was for our country, both at home and abroad.

Movement 2 – Letters from Home – the idea here is taken from the V-Mail campaign in World War 2 with the slogan “You Write, They’ll Fight”. We will feature several voiceovers reading ACTUAL letters from home from the war. The Flute solo in this movement will convey the female voice talking to the Baritone Solo which is the Male voice. The images on the props will be of the V-Mail posters and letters.


Final Movement – The Rise of Rosie the Riveter! – Finally, we have the American woman coming to terms with the fact that the war cannot be won in traditional gender roles of the 1940’s. The iconic images of the women of the home front working the factory assembly lines, building planes, ships, bombs, etc…. and near the end the triumphant rise of the Icon of Rosie the Riveter and her “WE CAN DO IT” slogan.   You will also notice the color guard costumes are very thematic this year. The uniform is cut and made so that it is 50% housewife of the 40s and 50% factory worker woman of wartime. It’s a REALLY cool outfit!


Performances – Keeping in mind that the Marching Band is the ONLY activity where we put incomplete “works in progress” on display; every time you see the marching band it should be different, better, and more complete.   We are constantly adding, changing, refining, and developing the ideas of the production to give the students the best possible product to perform for the audience. Make sure you see them EVERY CHANCE YOU GET!!!!!